Barwon banks tech charter

From AUD $350.00
  • Location: Point Lookout, QLD
  • Product code: PPFE5H
Located 22 nautical miles offshore, conditions have to be perfect to visit this rocky reef that rises from 50 metres to 22 metres. A dive for experienced divers only, the rocky reef at Barwon Banks is riddled with caves, ledges, bommies and gutters.  Decorating this varied terrain are black coral trees, soft corals, gorgonians and sea whips. While a good collection of reef fish and invertebrate species reside on this reef, this is a site to look for the big stuff. Schooling pelagic fish gather at Barwon Banks, with masses of barracuda, trevally, rainbow runners and batfish swarming around divers. This is also a good location to see turtles, stingrays, eagle rays, wobbegongs, gropers, leopard sharks and larger shark species, with both bronze whalers and tiger sharks common.

7.30am meet time at Scubaworld Mooloolaba, returns at 3pm.

*This is a non-guided trip, to participate you'll need a suitably qualified buddy along with a safe dive plan.  Please consider the distance from shore/emergency services when planning your dive.

 - Rebreather and DPV friendly charter!


 - Double dive or long single dive at Barwon banks dive site.  Max runtime 3hrs.


- Cylinders (hire available)

 - Nitrox

 - Dive gear hire

 - Transport - return Cleveland to Mooloolaba $30 per person